Thursday, February 11, 2010

What have I been up to this week?

Well it rained many days this week, which is not fun when you have to walk everywhere. But it wasn't that, just a couple light sprinkles. I much rather have the rain than the snow! oh hey!

I volunteered on Wednesday at one of the local schools for 2 hours in their English classes. I volunteer for an hour with a class who is 12-13 years old, and then with a class who is 17-18 years old. Currently, I am working on 2 powerpoints for the classes. For the 12-13 year olds, I am making a powerpoint about myself and life back in good old wisconsin, and for the 17-18 year olds I'm making a powerpoint about the different accents/customs/ways of life in the different regions of the US. I'm doing the 2nd powerpoint on this because I was explaining to them how there are different accents throughout the US and I may have impersonated someone from the South and they may have thought it was the funniest thing ever. Yea I know I'm really funny and cool.
During each class, I split up with a couple of students so they can practice their conversational english. During one of these sessions with the younger group, I was asking them about Carnaval here in Cadiz. In return one of the little girls preceeded to ask me, "Do you like heroine?" After being completely thrown off and the initial confusion passed. I realized she meant, "Do you like Halloween?" It was a funny mix up.
Also, I taught one of the 18 year old boys that the rapper 50 cent's name is pronounced Fitty Cent.

On Wednesday before dinner,my roommates and I took a taxi (it was raining still) to a Teteria, which is an Arabic Tea (& Hookah) Shop. Although we saved the Hookah for another time, we did drink Arabic tea and eat little Arabic pastries. It was really fun. We all sat on the ground on little pillows around a table and was each served tea in little pots. Danielle and I ordered tea with milk, which was so delicious. Kelly & Heidi ordered fruity teas. Ours were most def much better.

I came home today (Thursday) to find a sweet little package on my bed from JJKM&GM. THANKS EVERYONE :)

After tearing it open, Kelly suggested I lay next to everything sprawled out on my bed. In this picture I am falling off of my bed because there is a HUGE dip in it and I needed support from the way. Thanks Fina.

Also, today, our food begins to be rationed.

A bit background information & then the story...

We eat breakfast each morning at 7:30 and then come back to the house for lunch at 3:30! Thats like 8 hours without a meal. Crazy? I know! So at breakfast, us 4 roommates try to eat a lot so we aren't too hungry and have to spoil our lunch with snacks from the local grocery store, M.A.S. A usual breakfast consists of 2 pieces of toast with jam on them, a cup of tea, minature muffins, and galletas which are thin cracker/breakfast/cookies that taste really good dipped in tea. We began the semester off by having a package of muffins and cookies on the table. We would each have one muffin for breakfast and then 2 or 3 of us would take one as a snack during the day at school. Also, during breakfast we would usually go through a roll of galletas each morning because they're so tastey and we were hungry and we'd also bring some to school with us like the muffins. A couple weeks ago we were given the basic tea/toast/jam combo and a plate with a roll of cookies, but now only 4 muffins. So now we were only rationed 1 muffin each, but still had the luxury of unlimited galletas. Today, we roll up to the table for breakfast and find a the usual combo, but now a plate with 4 muffins and 4 piles of 5 galletas each. FIRST THE MUFFINS AND NOW THE GALLETAS. WHAT NEXT? We're using too much jam, so she's going to give us jam packets? Can I make a side note also... we saw the same exact cookies at the grocery store, guess how much they were... A 4 PACK FOR .95 EURO. Come on now, let's get real Fina.

So, that was the high drama situation of the day.

On a better note, I've spent the afternoon sitting at Glassy (our favorte cafe with free wifi (here it's pronounced wee-fee) it also has a plug inside which is handy when my computer has no more battery power) enjoying the atmosphere and sun at a comfortable 60 degrees. I hope everyone is enjoying the snow at home :)

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  1. I hope you didn't eat all the candy at once!