Monday, February 15, 2010


Let's see..

Thursday was nothing out of the ordinary. We went to Plaza Alfalfa. There's a bunch of little semi-authentic spanish bars. There we had the hugest mojito's evaaa.

Also, Megan and I met a hippie with totally cool dreads. oh hey.

Friday, we woke up early and went to a Sevilla FC futbol (soccer) practice. We were told that after the practice the team would sign autographs and take pictures. Well, it was freezing, windy, and lightly sprinkling. We had been waiting outside for a good 45 minutes for the team to come outside and practice.

Walking to the field!
Waiting for the practice to start.

Growing impatient, a group of 4 of us went back inside to a little cafe near the practice field. As soon as we got inside th e players decided to come outside to practice. I thought I ordered toasted bread with some type of pepper spread, but to my dismay, it was a piece of bread with pate. Pate is pig liver spread. YUM. To say the least, I ate the toasted bread with only olive oil, which wasn't bad, I enjoyed it. Bread with olive/bread with soup is my new thang.

The rest of that day we slept and ended up staying in that night. I went on a job hunt for this summer. Let's hope I can find something so I don't have to return to the Island of hell. Just kidding, I had fun.
Saturday was spent looking for a costume for Carnaval. Before I came here I wish someone would've told me to bring a costume for their version of Halloween (or should I say Heroine?) Anyways, after spending too much time perusing the clearance rack at H&M (there's a lot of bizarre/over the top things there), my creativity kicked in and I decided to be a FLOWER GARDEN. I bought and bunch of flowers that clipped into my hair, then made it a big, curly mess, threw on a black dress, pink tights and a green jacket, and I was ready to go to CARNAVAL! waho.

I was a flower gardin, Heidi was Cat Woman, Kelly was a Ballerina, and Danielle was a Hippie.

The group of 10 of us who went to Cadiz. Plus some random Spanish girl on the right?

We hopped on the bus at 9:30, made it to Cadiz by 11:00, and enjoyed a crazy night of costume fun. It was very similar to Halloween on State Street in Madison. Everyone just kind of hung out and drank in the street. The real part of Carnaval is during the day when there's huge parades and family fun festivities. We were only able to go during the night when the crazies come out. Oh well. The down side of Cadiz... it was SOOOOOOO cold, dare I say FREEZING? I never grew accustomed to the cold, but once put on the back burner I had fun strolling the streets and checking out the different costumes. Most of the costumes were generic, like devils/angels, headbands with animals ears on them, or the good old Village People from the YMCA. Or they were just completely bizarre, couldn't tell what they were costumes.

We finally got on the bus around 4:00 am, and were back home by 5:30 am. Surprisingly, I only slept until 1:00 pm the next day. Good job Katie! Overall, Carnaval was fun. I'm glad I went. Would I go again? Probably not, but it was one of those things you have to experience once.

Sunday, I spent the day at Glassy (the cafe with free wifi by my house). I ordred carmelized onions with goat cheese. m o s t d e l i c i o u s t h i n g e v e r.
Later that night right before dinner, Fina gave us back our laundry. She put it all in Kelly & Danielle's room and I grabbed my things and began to put them away in my room. Suddenly, their room breaks out into laughter and one of them yells to me, "Katie, come in here! Are these your underwear?" At this point, my minds racing, thinking the worse possible thing. poopstain? what? I walk into the room and see a large pair of black, control top panties dangling from Danielle's hand. Guess whose they were? FINA'S. hahahahahhahaha.
More news surrounding our food situation.
We woke up for breakfast this morning to find 2 pieces of toast, jam, tea, and no plate of cookies/muffins. Instead a plate with 1 crossiant each. cool.
Also, one time while Kelly and I were having lunch one of us set the oil on the table instead of the holder and Fina came in and yelled at us for it. Then, a couple days later during dinner, Heidi did the same thing without knowing Fina had previously yelled at us for it and once again Fina came in and saw the oil on the table and blew a fuse. I may be overexaggerating her yell, but it was a strong discipline. All of this happened like last week or so. Well, last night we came to sit down at the table for dinner and found a placemat under the oil/vinegar/salt/pepper holder. hahahah. oopsies.

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