Monday, February 8, 2010

The Weekend: February 5th-7th

Last weekend we went to Aracena for the day, which is about an hour north of Sevilla. The town was kind of creepy and not too exciting. All of the buildings were white and there were hardly any people in the streets except for old men. But we did see some cool things. We went to el museo de jamòn (soft j) (the ham museum), there were a lot of pictures of ham and even a video about the curation process, but no free samples (I wasn´t complaining though because the jamòn here is a bit different than in the States, by different I mean weird tasting..). Now, the really cool thing that I saw in Aracena.. THE CAVES! They may be the coolest thing I have seen IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. OMG. But really they were extremely interesting. We weren´t allowed to take pictures inside the caves because it would interrupt the stalactite-ing, ya know? Being the BA that I am, I snapped a shot. Oh hey.

The pueblos

A plaza that was abandoned. Somewhat sketchy
More pictures of the city

On the train ride up to the top of the mountain we were seriously like a foot from the edge of a huge cliff. one wrong move and it could've been deadly..

A nice picture of me on top of the mountain!

Totes took this picture illegally, but it´s the only one I took because I was too afraid of getting yelled at in Spanish.

This one is from the internet. But I totally walked where that railing is!

This is the mueso del jamon. These are just a few hams. Imagine walking into a little bar and the ceiling is lined with millions of these legs. it makes for a unique atmosphere

So, the next day a group of 8 of us rented 2 paddle boats and boated around the river for an hour. It was fun!

Later that day we came here. Plaza del Salvador. It's a super cool plaza right across from our school. It's kind of everyone who's anyone's hang out at night. If ya know what I mean.

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  1. We'll get a paddle boat like that up north and you can tour legend lake this summer.
    Caves looked amazing!