Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mi Casa... My House for you English speakers

This is the door to the apartment building! Our apartment is on the second floor.

This is the "cozy" apartment. The picture is taken from the back of the apartment facing the front door. In the back of the picture there is a door, on the other side of it, to the left, there is a kitchen, and a cramped sitting room across from it, then another sitting room between the door and the white column, (by sitting room, I mean room where she hoards couches, chairs, tables, and religious trinkets), and then, in the picture, you can see the main living room with eating table in the middle of it and TV behind the table.

This is what the table looks like set everyday for breakfast, lucnh, and dinner. This was for lunch one day, we had a delicious pasta dish, thank god it wasn't chicken on a bone...

This are my three other roommates. From left to right, Kelly, Heidi, and Danielle. I don't remember where we are because this was taken on the first day, but it's some plaza.

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