Monday, February 8, 2010

Mas photos de mi casa y la ciudad

An interesting, unique feature of the city are the crosswalks. When it is safe to cross the street there is a sound played for the duration of the walking time that sounds like birds chirping!
Calle Arjona, where muh crib at.

These are located all over the city. They are self-serve bike rental statations. You are able to rent a bike for 30 minutes and can ride it anywhere in the city and once done, you can park it at any other rental station. They are a popular and inexpensive form of transportation here.

Our lovely blue bathroom. That is a bidet in the corner. No I don´t use it.
The lovely table where we eat everyday. Note the picture of the dog with the dead rabbit in it´s mouth above the radiator. Also, I would like to point out that the radiator is usually packed with our wet underwear/shirts/camis inbetween the slits. The table to the right is where we eat our meals. The table to the left is where Fina irons our underwear while we eat. Note the amount of seating available.

Hoarding proof. What did I say before about 10 chairs and millions of trinkets?

Fina´s dungeon. La cocina
This is the balcony that is off of the kitchen and the white window is my room. Now imagine my roommates and me sitting in our room one day and hearing a faint cry for help, ¨ayudame, ayudame..¨ We look out our window and here is our seƱora (Fina) locked out on the balcony with a broom in her hand about to tap on our window and crying for help! Now image that happening two days in a row! hahahah. Also, this is where our wet laundry is hung out to dry...she washed some things for me a couple weeks ago and I still haven´t gotten them back. I think it´s safe to say that I never will and that they probably fell. Thanks Fina babe.. you da best

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