Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catedral y Alcazar

On like the 2nd day here, we took a tour of the catedral (cathedral) and the alcazar (alcazar palace). Here are some pictures...

Just a peak at some of the super cool mosaic tile work in the Alcazar!

Inside the Alcazar, in one of the main patio/gradens with a reflecting pool.

View of part of the palace from the Giralda.

The garden at the Alcazar. There was even a labyrinth..

The view from the top of the Giralda, you could see forever off into the distance!

A picture from the ramps on my way up to the Giralda.

A picture of ceiling inside the Catedral. I learned that from the ceiling you are able to tell where the alter is because the ceiling is much more intricate infront of it. So, in the picture the alter is to the right!
And the width of the columns were HUGE!

Inside of the Catedral. The ceilings were so tall!

An outside view of the catedral. The tall tower is called the Giralda. There are 36 ramps up to the top and once there, you can see all of Sevilla, it's a gorgeous view!

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