Thursday, April 8, 2010


So last week was Semana Santa (Holy Week) and the family came to visit. We went on a week long cruise through the Mediterranean. Here are some pictures...Thursday, March 25th
Kelly and I wandering the streets of Sevilla

Leave it to my dad to make friends with an overly friendly somewhat drunk Spaniard who insisted on buying him a couple of beers and several shrimp sandwiches.
Friday, March 26th
Awaiting our flight to Barcelona in the modest Sevilla airport.
Note: My new miniature computer. So wonderful!

The classic pre-boarding, cheesy picture. For awhile, I couldn't find our picture in the picture area and was certain that someone had bought it because they were creepily in love with us. Unfortunately (fortunately?), that theory failed and I found it.The Costa Concordia, our home for the week!A shot of the main lobby. Check that out.
Kelly's and my room. Kelly brought my cheetah snuggie with her and the maid would lay the snuggie on the bed every night and fold the arms down so they were crossed in the middle and it looked like a cheetah person was laying on the bed. Creepy and funny.I'm not sure if it's very visible but there are little dogs on the toilet paper. So, every time I wiped my butt, I thought of sweet little Mookie. AwwwwWe started the cruise off right with a little BINGO action. Try playing bingo in 7 different languages. It was a task to keep up!After bingo, we hit the slots. Let the addiction begin early.

Friday, March 27th--Marseilles, France

Marseilles, an old fishing town.

We took a trolly ride around Marseilles and saw this character on the side of the road and couldn't help but take a picture. Since I've been here, I've seen the strangest hair dos ever. The mullet is particularly popular, and the long hair in the back often is dreaded. But I think this hair beats the others. One question.. Why do they do this to themselves?We stopped at the Notre Dame Cathdral.And this was the inside of it. WOW!BIG Mookie :)

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