Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life by the River

So, it´s hard to update a blog when you don´t have a computer, but one is on it´s way in less than a day! AND SO IS THE FAMILY! WAHOOO.

So we´ve all been hanging out by the river like everyday. People have finally come out of hiding after the weeks of rain, and life on the streets is crazy! Spaniards are everywhere! There´s an ourdoor bar called El Kiosko (Kiosk) 5 minutes from our house that has cool grafiti on it and bumping jams from like 8th grade and disco music. I love it!! We like to hang out there often. Also, we sit by the river and get our tan on. I have a nice face and arm tan going. Sweeeeet. Im going to go hang out outside and wait for the family to come.

peace out

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