Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cusco and beyond..

On our way from Puno to Cusco we made a random stop to take pictures and of course there were people selling things. Like the hat?
And there was a girl dressed up with a llama who you could take a picture with for 1 sole, so I did.
Then along came her competition, a little boy with a baby goat, 1 sole as well. It felt like I was holding sweet little Mookie.
Finally made it to Cusco. View of the city from way up high.
Me imitating the Cristo Blano statue.
Random awkward scenery shot. Note the senior picture pose. Luvs it.
Then ventured to the Indian Market. It was textile heaven. Me, Jes, and Lauren spent atleast 4 hours walking around and shopping.
I'm in love with all of these trimmings.
And this hat with the white beading.
Me with all of my Indian Market findings. Pens, purse, belt, pompoms, skirt, socks, backpack, barrette. All I need now to complete my outfit is an embroidered, beaded jacket to complete my look. I think I'll pass on the hat though, not quite my look.
Back shot

Next, we went to the Sacred Valley. First stop, Moray. It is a terraced planting site used by the Incas.
Note the 'toylet' spelling.On our way down. Those stones sticking out of the wall are the steps to get down to the bottom.
Finally made it! My stairstepping exercise before I came to Peru was no match for those stairs, it was quite difficult walking back to the top.
Next, we went to a location where salt is made. Pretty cool.

Next stop....hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu!!

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